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Med-Master® is the ultimate solution to SECURE, ORGANIZE and PROTECT
your medications.


Over 4.5 billion prescriptions are filled each year in the US alone, and the risks of abuse, misuse, theft and accidental poisoning are on the rise. The need for safe medication storage touches all population segments and ages. No one is immune to the growing danger of unsecured medications.


Med-Master® was designed with everyday use in mind. With thoughtful features like an interior shelf and a 90° opening door that folds flat, Med-Master® doesn’t only lock up medications, it is an easier and safer way to use medications everyday.


Uses / Applications / Why Med-Master®


• PRESCRIPTIONS. Opioids may be the most misused and addictive medications, but any prescription drug can be dangerous. 1 in 4 teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once. 66% of teens who misused prescription pain relievers procured them from friends or family.

• OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS AND SUPPLEMENTS. Cough and cold, pain relievers, even vitamins can be dangerous with misuse, experimentation or accidental ingestion. Cough medicines and anti-diarrheal OTC meds are most commonly abused in high doses.

• TEENS. Deter misuse, even before it starts. Teenage experimentation and self-medication is on the rise. Whether teens live in the house, have friends over, or are just visiting, keep temptation locked away.

• YOUNG CHILDREN. 95% of emergency department visits for unintentional medication overdoses among young children involve unsupervised children getting into medication.

• MEDICAL OR RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA. From 2014-16 in Colorado (post legalization) there was a 34% increase each year in the number of calls to poison control centers about marijuana exposures. Almost 50% were due to edible products, which often look like normal candy or cakes to a child. As of January 2018, 29 states allow medical marijuana and 9 have legalized recreational use.

• TRAVEL OR HOME VISITORS. Med-Master® locking medication cases will keep your medications and valuables safe whether you have visitors to your home or if you are away. Convenient locking bags are also available to bring safety on-the-go.

Durable Steel Construction
Keyless Entry
Programmable Combination Lock  
Wireless RFID lock with bracelet + 2 access cards    
Hidden Tamper-Resistant Hinge
Easy Mount Holes
Removable Transport Handle
Interior Shelf
90° Opening door for stable work surface
Pill Sorting Tray  
Illuminated 10x Magnifier  
Dry Erase Magnetic Reminder Kit with Marker  


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