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Combination Lock Instructions

Changing a Combination Lock


This lock is set to open at 000 at factory

To close and lock:  Turn the wheels to any other number and close cover.  This automatically locks the lock.

To open:  Turn all wheels to 000 which automatically opens lock.

To set your combination:

  1. Open lock with present combination (000).

  2. Pushchange lever on back of lock toward center and toward openings.
    IMPORTANT:  Change lever cannot be moved into combination setting position unless combination wheel is set at present combination (000).

  3. Set wheels to your own private numbers.
    IMPORTANT:  Record your number on a card and keep in a safe location.  After your combination is recorded move changes lever back to the original positon.  Your lock is now set to a new combination.

  4. Check your combination before closing box cover as follows:  Turn wheel to any combination.  Lock latch will appear through the two lock openings, you have correctly set the combination.

    If the lock latch can be seen, return to Step 2.

 To change combination, move lever from original position.  Return change lever to original position after new combination is set.